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Women's KYMIRA Recharge IR50 Infrared Recovery Tights {KY-WIR50LEG}

by Kymira
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Color: Black
Size: X-Small

Women's KYMIRA™ Recharge Infrared IR50 Recovery Leggings. The best post-workout leggings available today.

Focus on accelerated recovery whether as a post-workout recovery piece or as an injury repair system.  Infrared Fabric Technology at its best.  These are NOT all over intense compression tights.  These are predominantly a contoured FITTED item with zoned Level 3 Recovery Compression that uses the IR technology to repair your body without squeezing you tightly all over.  This means superior comfort and you can wear these for long periods such as long haul flights and overnight too.

The Kymira™ IR50 Leggings are is designed to boost your recovery and keep you training hard day in day out. With measurable boosts in fitness levels and strength being implicitly linked to increased training loads, your recovery is key and the IR50 range is essential to help you recover faster.

The leggings incorporate the Kymira™ unique Infrared Fabric Technology, something that significantly promotes blood circulation, greatly increases oxygenation of the blood and promotes accelerated cellular metabolism.

This rapidly increases the rate of removal of Lactic Acid from your muscles and improves the rate of cellular repair as well as reducing the impact of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) and other associated aches that you may experience after pushing your body to the limit.

With a seamless front and back gusset and elasticated waistband, the leggings keep the wearer comfortable and free of distraction. The fabric is breathable and quick drying and so the leggings are great if worn immediately after a workout and during the day where possible.

The calves have a Level 3 Compressive fit which boosts comfort and support in the lower limbs where the greatest effect of muscular compression is achieved. This added structural component helps to improve circulation thereby speeding up the removal of waste products from your muscles.