Which Base Layer?

How to Choose Your Baselayer Your baselayer is the foundation part of your layering system which is generally a 3 or 4 layers from the skin to the outside layer.  You "layer" in accordance with the conditions you are facing....

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Run Wear - What's The Difference

Running Wear - What's The Difference? The term running clothing applies to anything that you wear when you run for competition or training. So why can't you just wear anything you want?  Well, you can.....there are absolutely no rules or...

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How to Choose a Waterproof Garment

How to Choose a Waterproof Garment So, it's raining.  You're outside and need to stay dry.  Easy eh?  Well maybe many options and so many brands so we thought we'd try and offer some simplified detail to help you...

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Diabetic Walking Socks

Diabetic?  Like walking/hiking and have an active lifestyle?  Then why should your specialised socks look like something from a hospital.....well they don't have to. What are Diabetic Socks? Diabetic socks are specifically designed to reduce pressure in the lower leg...

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