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UA ColdGear Family

The Under Armour® ColdGear® Fabric Collection

ColdGear Fabrication         Warm Thermal Garment

ColdGear® Fabric:  Smooth faster wicking thermal fabric with smooth fabric exterior lighter construction with a smoother low-loft lining.  Ideal for high impact and high energy sports with quick dry properties and lightweight fabric finish designed to keep you Warm dry and light without weighing you down.  By far the most popular thermal level fabric of the collection.

Under Armour ColdGear Infrared       Warmer Thermal Garment

ColdGear® Fabrication with Infrared™ Technology:  Same weight and structure as regular ColdGear®™ and still with a brushed Micro-Fleece lining but with integrated Ceramic strip embedded within the lining that retains a greater amount of body heat for a longer and Warmer thermal defence.  Ideal for all active sports as with ColdGear® but for those who want that little bit extra in terms of warmth retention.

Under Armour ColdGear Armourfleece Fabric       Warm Thermal Garment  Warmer Thermal Garment  Warmest Thermal Garment

ColdGear® ArmourFleece® Fabric: Used as a thicker but lightweight fabric within the Under Armour® Hoody and Fleece range where reduced weight is desired but warmth is still essential.  Designed to look thick and heavy but in fact creates a Warm, Warmer and Warmest light garment depending on the garment construction and purpose in terms of layering.

ColdGear Insulated Fabric      Warmest Thermal Garment

ColdGear® Infrared™ Insulated™: Under Armour's Warmest fabrication.  This is a construction that combines the best of all worlds in the ColdGear® family.  Take the ColdGear® fabric with its higher lofted fleece lined finish and integrate a thin layer of Polartec® Alpha® insulation technology that holds a higher amount of body heat for longer and you create a super warm fabric that is light but amazingly warm.  Used in the Under Armour® Base Layer ranges and some of their training wear items where superior warmth is required but ensuring the garment remains light and keeps the wearer dry.

ColdGear Reactor    Warmer Thermal Garment

ColdGear® Reactor™ Fabric:  Under Armour's "intelligent" fabric composition.  Reactor has been around for some time deployed in their jackets and hoods but is now available in their range of base layers.  It's an intelligent fabric designed to "react" to the body's temperature and to adapt to the conditions it faces.  So if it's freezing outside but your body is generating a lot of heat say when running, the fabric adapts to both temperatures it is getting to create an optimised thermal barrier so you stay warm but don't over-heat.

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