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Special Offer Terms

Baselayer Ltd Special Multi-Buy Offers

From time to time, Baselayer Ltd offers its customers the opportunity to purchase items on special offer package deals as multi-buy offers.

These offers are subject to specific terms and conditions in respect of refunds and are subject to limited availability of special stocks that are purchased to enable these deals to be offered. Baselayer Ltd reserves the right to withdraw any offer it may run without notice. No offer is limited to a maximum number per customer and can also usually be mixed in terms of sizes as required.

In the event that any customer purchasing any multi-buy deal, returns individual items that were part of the deal for a refund, the refund will be proportional to the value of the retained item(s) in the event that any retained item(s) had been purchased at our standard published prices and not a direct fraction of the special offer multi-buy deal price.

For example: Baselayer sells an item at £20.00 each at normal retail price. However, Baselayer may offer the opportunity to purchase two of these items at a special deal price of £30.00. If a customer takes advantage of the offer and purchases two items at the special price of £30.00 but then returns one of these items for a refund, that refund will be for £10.00 making the price for the retained item equal to the standard purchase price of a single item.

All offer calculations are based on the offer items being purchased together to make up the Special Offer multi-buy deal and all items being retained by the customer.

If one item is returned for refund, that refund will duly reflect the actual purchase price of a single item purchase as opposed to the Special Offer price which is exclusively reserved for items purchased together and retained by the customer on any deal Baselayer elects to run.

All other customer rights are as published in our standard terms and conditions.

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