Women's Kymira Infrared Thermal COMBO

by Kymira
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Women's Kymira™ Infrared Thermal COMBO - Leggings and Crew Long Sleeve Top

All the benefits of Kymira's Infrared technology  combined into a complete head to toe set. Winter defence with added IR benefits.

  • Active Thermal Construction
  • Skin-Fit Structure
  • Integrated IR Technology
  • Warmest Baselayer
  • Wear Alone or Under Gear
  • 20% Increased Oxygenation
  • More Cellular Metabolism
  • Enhanced Energy Production
  • Aids Pain Relief
  • Reduces Lactic Acid
  • Reduced Risk of DOMS
  • Accelerated Recovery Rate
  • Breathable Quick Dry Fabric
  • Temperature Regulation
  • Increased Blood Circulation
  • Aids Recovery