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Women's Kymira Core 3.0 Infrared Thermal Leggings

by Kymira
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Size: Small
Color: Black

Turn Up The Heat!

The Women's Kymira™ Core 3.0 Thermal Leggings with integrated Infrared Technology, are built around the core 3.0 range and are about blending comfort with performance technology whilst adding additional thermal benefits.

These leggings are made of a higher density but lightweight KYnergy™ Infrared fabric with a light lofted fleece inner face, which boosts the garment's thermal qualities whilst retaining all the unique benefits of the Infrared technology for performance and recovery familiar across the whole Kymira range.

Unique seamless front to back gusset and flatlock stitching means you can run free of distracting rubbing or chafes and the elasticated waistband is secure and flexible to prevent any digging into your midsection.

Together, these features make the Thermal Leggings comfortable for all workouts, whether that be the most grueling CrossFit session, a light late evening recovery run, or a mountain hike. The leggings are great worn on their own or under a pair of loose-fitting shorts.

Active Level 1 Compressive fit to lower limbs of the garment to support the muscle and assist with the return of blood and any toxic by-products of exercise back to the heart.  This has a massive effect in reducing DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) and the elimination of Lactic Acid build up.

Incorporated and fully integrated Infrared-emitting minerals to re-energise the body during your workout and to re-use some of that energy in the warming process without over-heating.

The structure is designed to regulate your body temperature as you work out, dissipating excess heat and evaporating sweat better than normal fabrics without feeling cold next to the skin.

The end result is keeping your skin feeling dry no matter how hard the session. Plus the unique IR technology increases oxygenation and glycogen storage in the blood, meaning your legs are directly benefiting from an increased energy supply to help you train harder, for longer.

The infrared technology in the leggings' material also assists with recovery after your session.

By keeping the garment on for four hours after your activity, the increased oxygenation of the blood will improve the rate of lactic acid breakdown and cellular repair throughout the body.