Wigwam "Snow Sirocco" Wool Rich Midweight Ski Socks {WG-F2092}

by Wigwam
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Adult Wigwam "Snow Sirocco™" Midweight Wool Rich Ski Socks

A timeless classic Wool Rich sock designed for skiing with a Level 3 mid-weight cushion structure for skiers of all abilities and for most boot fits.

This sock is a higher volume wool rich sock that is perfect for skiers of modest ability and those probably hiring ski boots for their trip.  A warm construction too with 42% Spun Wool for additional thermal defence.  Lightly padded shin rise for protection and a full height soft calf/shin cuff grips the leg but not too tightly due to the the 24% Stretch Nylon fibre to ensure it stays put.

Knitted together with 26% Olefin™ & Polypropylene for rapid moisture control, durability and added softness, make this a go-to favourite for many hitting the slopes.  Natural anti-bacterial control from the high proportion of natural wool in the fabric.  Structured seam-free design with seamless toe box structure and a "Y" Fit heel pocket to ensure the socks fit as they should without wallowing around.

This is a fully structured sock and so much better than the cheap tube socks.  These fit where they need to and will make your trip that much more enjoyable.  Easy care Wash n Wear and quick drying fabrication so they'll be back on the piste the following morning.