Nike Men's Victory Dri-Fit Stripe Polo (NK311)

by Nike

The Men's classic Nike® Dri-Fit™ Stripe Polo the #1 selling Golf Polo worldwide.

Featuring a ribbed 2-button placket collar that's designed to prevent curling, the Nike® Dri-FIT™ Victory Polo is made from double-knit fabric with sweat-wicking technology to help you stay comfortable on the course.

Off-set shoulder seams are shifted closer to the collar bones for a smoother feel through your swing and when you carry your bag.

A golfing classic that's as rewarding as a team or corporate piece with a sleeve mounted embroidered brand logo that leaves the chest free for your own identity if desired.

Split hemline with soft, square cut sleeves and great body length and just 170gsm weight fabric.