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Men's SAXX Kinetic Sport 2N1 Training Shorts (SAX-SXKS27)

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£48.50 - £48.50
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Size: Medium
Color: Black

Best of Both Worlds SAXX® Kinetic Sport™ Train 2 in 1 Training Shorts

Ideal training shorts.  Longer legged for the gym as is often preferred by many when "training" but can be used as you like!  Simple......take the semi-compressive 8" leg SAXX® Kinetic™ boxers, combine them seamlessly with a super lightweight training short and you get the SAXX Kinetic Sport™ 2 in 1 Training Shorts for Men and with the ball park pouch feature and zipped media pocket too.

Superb fitted undershorts with loose outer shorts for when you train or run or simply "do stuff" are priceless.  The SAXX® Kinetic Sport™ 2 in 1 Training Shorts meet and exceed all expectations.

Light compressive support boxers with a 8" leg next to the skin with the immortal Ball Park Pouch, ensures you stay put during your activity and guarantees no skin-on-skin rub.  Flat Out Seams throughout for zero risk of seam abrasion and the legendary SAXX® 3D Fit offers your body the assured comfort throughout your activity.  NOTE: Whilst the 8" Boxer leg length is fractionally longer than the outer shell, the reality is the under-shorts sit slightly shorter when worn so the shell sits a fraction over and slightly longer than the under-shorts.

Throw over these the super lightweight Polyester dry loose shell with twin side pockets and unique zipped side media pocket too.  7" outer shell leg shorts with V Notched hem for added freedom of movement and just the right amount of stretch to never hold you back.

Inner short sits fractionally above the cinched draw cord waistband of the outer shorts for a great stylish finish.  Superb value Two In One shorts will meet practically every demand you throw at them on the training field.