Men's ODLO Natural Plus X-Warm Leggings {O-110232}

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SKU O-110232-NVY-XL

Odlo® Men's Natural Plus™ X-Warm Thermal Leggings - 42% Merino fabric for the ultimate performance and warm result.

When hitting the mountains or simply when you need that extra warm layer, the Natural+™ X-Warm Leggings gives you maximum warmth without the need for too many bulky outer layers and are sure to keep the legs warm.

A soft fitted design that follows the body contours with quick wicking elasticated waistband, structured crotch design to form to the male physique and soft ribbed ankle cuffs that aren't too tight.

Like all of the Odlo® technical underwear range, you can expect excellent performance, but the Natural+™ range takes things a step further with the quilted effect strategically placed extra warm zones around large muscle groups and exposed areas, keeping them at optimum temperature to perform as you tame the slopes or take on the elements.

The smart fabric technology behind it boasts natural odour control from the lanolin contained within the Merino fibres as well as Odlo® Effect™ the silver ion treatment applied to the synthetic fibres both of which make this range probably the most effective at managing bacteria that can cause fabric odours.  Superb moisture management so you can push your body to its limits without worrying about the negative effects of sweating or post activity odour repercussions. A dry, warmer result and fully breathable garment that dries quick and performs exceptionally well.

With its soft synthetic inner fabric that prevents itching the Natural+™ X-Warm allows you can focus on taking your activity in total warmth and comfort.