Men's Kymira Sports Infrared Hoody

by Kymira
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Men's Kymira™ Gym Hoody - Infrared Thermal Regulation Mid-Layer

The Gym Hoody provides you the perfect combination of warmth, style and the numerous benefits of KYnergy™ Infrared technology built in. This hoody is just as great for casual use as it is out on the slopes or hitting the trails on a cold winter's morning as much as it is during a tough weights session.

A regular tapered athletic fit and luxurious water-repellent fleece lined fabric face with a warming hood lining and fitted sleeves to insulate against cold, rain or wind, this is a perfect choice for outdoor enthusiasts and gym junkies alike.  If you can't wear your Kymira IR Baselayer all day, them add the mid-layer to the mix to continue getting the enormous benefits of IR treatment in a smart, casual manner.

The hoody is made from the Kymira™ Infrared-emitting fabric, a technology that helps keep you warm and regulate your body temperature but which also promotes circulation of the blood, enhancing and recycling energy availability and maximising tissue oxygenation to promoting recovery.

The more energy you produce, the greater the return on your body.  This is foxing you on the go and you will benefit after you're done as well.

Think of the Kymira™ Gym Hoody as your enhancement layer.  You'll get long term benefit of wear as it's working for you and with you all the time you've got it on.

The Hoody has been engineered by Kymira™ to enhance the wearer's performance during exercise and to improve the recovery rate post exercise. For optimum results, we recommend wearing your hoody for at least 30 minutes prior to exercise, during your workout, and for at least one hour after exercise.