Men's Asquith & Fox Organic Cotton Mid-Weight Hoody


Classic Men's Organic Cotton Mid-Weight Hoody

We should all care more about what we wear.  The proliferation of almost "disposable" clothing is a global issue.  But it's not easy or cheap to make clothing entirely with recyclables but sourcing fabric that has ethical origins goes some way to helping save the planet.  But how do you do it and maintain a good acceptable price point?

Asquith & Fox® is a name we have become very familiar with in recent years, creating exceptional sports and leisure wear that stands the test of time and at an exceptional price point making them ideal as a team wear partner.  Now they have added to their range with the introduction of their "Organics" collection.

This is a mid-weight hoody for men that is constructed using Organic cotton which has been sourced from genuine Organic producers with totally ethical practices. If you are looking for a teamwear item that has corporate appeal with an athletic appeal and ethical production, then this could be for you. 

Overhead design 280GSM weight fabric with 80% Organic Cotton and whilst not 100% Organic, it has 20% Polyester which provides added performance, stretch and recovery and added durability.  Soft face fabric with colour tonal round draw cords and light lofted fleece lined finish. A performance fabric with natural soft hand feel and added stretch for superior fit.  Marsupial side pockets with light ribbed cuffs and hemline.  Aluminium edged cord feeds around hood.

Great price point and exceptional quality with good body length.  Superb wash qualities with great colour integrity and pre-shrunk fibre construction to maintain shape.  Fabric mix means no ironing, just hang and wear.  Natural anti-bacterial properties due to natural fibre content.