Helly Hansen Men's LIFA Active Comfort Lite COMBO {HH-48676}

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Helly Hansen® Men's LIFA™ Active Comfort Light COMBO- Year-Round Layering

Our best performance base layer for quick moisture management – made for year-round action in a Top and Bottoms COMBO Set.

LIFA® ACTIVE is a performance Base Layer delivering superior moisture management and lightweight thermal regulating insulation for all your indoor and outdoor activities. The LIFA® ACTIVE COMFORT Crew & Leggings has an advanced 2-layer construction with 100% LIFA® fiber next to skin for rapid moisture extraction and wicking technical fibers outside to facilitate evaporation. Super light micro-textured fabric face helps accelerate moisture control for an ultra-dry outcome.

All in all, an unbeatable combination for moisture management, lightweight thermo-regulation and all-day comfort.