Artilect Women's Darkhorse 185 Zoned Leggings {ART-2212117}

SKU ART-2212117-BLK-XS

Artilect Women's A/SYS-1 Darkhorse 185 Base Layer Leggings

Made using Nuyarn™ with Merino Wool. Designed for high octane days on the slopes, pounding the streets and in the saddle.  Super soft 18 Micron Merino Wool wrapped around a performance core of Polypropylene for added performance and strength. The Women's Artilect® A/SYS-1™ Darkhorse 185 Tights are a Warmer legging for seriously cold days for high intensity use thermally regulating base layer tight aimed at high energy users and those seeking a natural fibre garment but with a level of technical specification to meet modern day demands.

Less is genuinely more with more warmth from a lighter product due to its unique Nuyarn™ construction. The Darkhorse 185 Base Layer Leggings are the Warmer level in the A/SYS–1™ range and have been designed to add extra warmth, and effortless performance in a modern fit. Ultra-light Nuyarn™ 125 Merino fabric with eyelet knit zones strategically placed in the lower back and behind the knees for increased breathability and hot-spot performance.

This item is a core of Nuyarn™ Merino Wool in a 185GSM weight offering the same warmth to weight ratio as most 260GSM weight 100% Merino product.

Wider comfort hi-vent waistband with superior soft flat seaming to eliminate any risk of seam abrasion. Increased vented structure at the lower back and behind the knees to eliminate moisture and heat from these key hot spots.

Adopts the Artilect® Core Drawn fibre technology unique to Nuyarn™ for added strength and garment durability. 

Superior Bluesign® approved 185gsm Nuyarn™ Merino fabric technology offers extra loft for an unmatched warmth-to-weight ratio, 5x faster drying and remarkable long term durability.

  • 18 Micron non-mulsed Australian Merino Wool
  • Wide Comfort Waistband
  • High Vented Garment
  • Warmer Active Use
  • Next to Skin Wear
  • Warmer for Active and Passive Use
  • Maximum softness and wearability
  • Incredible stretch and recovery
  • Easy Fit offers a modern fit with full coverage
  • Targeted eyelet placements for increased breathability
  • No-chafe flatlock seams
  • Machine Washable
  • Hang-Dry Loop