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Artilect Men's Darkhorse 185 Zoned Leggings {ART-2211135}

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Size: Small
Color: Black

Artilect Men's A/SYS-1 Darkhorse 185 Zoned Baselayer Leggings

Made using Nuyarn™ with Merino Wool. Designed for high octane days on the slopes, pounding the streets and in the saddle.  Super soft 18 Micron Merino Wool wrapped around a performance core of Polypropylene for added performance and strength. The Men's Artilect® A/SYS-1™ Darkhorse 185 Tights are a Warmer legging for seriously cold days for high intensity use thermally regulating base layer tight aimed at high energy users and those seeking a natural fibre garment but with a level of technical specification to meet modern day demands.

Less is genuinely more with more warmth from a lighter product due to its unique Nuyarn™ construction. The Darkhorse 185 Baselayer Leggings are the Warmer level in the A/SYS–1™ range and have been designed to add extra warmth, and effortless performance in a modern fit. Ultra-light Nuyarn™ 125 Merino fabric with eyelet knit zones strategically placed in the lower back and behind the knees for increased breathability and hot-spot performance.

This item is a core of Nuyarn™ Merino Wool in a 185GSM weight offering the same warmth to weight ratio as most 260GSM weight 100% Merino product.

Elasticated waistband with superior soft flat seaming to eliminate any risk of seam abrasion and structured crotch for a superbly comfortable male fit. Increased vented structure at the lower back and behind the knees to eliminate moisture and heat from these key hot spots.

Adopts the Artilect® Core Drawn fibre technology unique to Nuyarn™ for added strength and garment durability. 

Superior Bluesign® approved 185gsm Nuyarn™ Merino fabric technology offers extra loft for an unmatched warmth-to-weight ratio, 5x faster drying and remarkable long term durability.

  • 18 Micron non-mulsed Australian Merino Wool
  • Wide Comfort Waistband
  • High Vented Garment
  • Warmer Active Use
  • Next to Skin Wear
  • Warmer for Active and Passive Use
  • Maximum softness and wearability
  • Incredible stretch and recovery
  • Easy Fit offers a modern fit with full coverage
  • Targeted eyelet placements for increased breathability
  • No-chafe flatlock seams
  • Machine Washable
  • Hang-Dry Loop