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Zeropoint Sustainability


Zeropoint® uses 100% recycled Econyl-yarn in its clothing.  We also believe in transparency and corporate responsibility, so we take good care of our entire production chain.

Regenerated performance with ECONYL®

World's resources are not endless and we must make significant changes in how we treat our planet. At Zeropoint® we are in love with materials that are recycled, but still capable of delivering superior performance so that you can feel good about making your purchase whilst still helping to take care of our planet Earth.


Saying no to fast fashion

You should not have to compromise between being a conscious consumer and loving shopping. Just choose products that are sustainably made. We at Zeropoint want to be as transparent about our supply chain as possible. We are a Finnish company. The fabric we use is made in Italy and all clothing is manufactured in Portugal. Zeropoint socks and calf sleeves are manufactured with love in Taiwan.


Highest technology with LYCRA®Sport

Sadly stretchy elasticated products are not very recyclable for repeating the excercise so "some" new product has to be used. Lycra®Sport is specially created for sports. It gives the fabric an ultimate elasticity, that moves just like your body moves. Excellent breathability makes it perfect for sportswear. Together with Econyl® they make the best possible combination for compression wear.

When you choose a Zeropoint® product, you can be sure you have made the right choice for you and for the planet.