Wigwam Natural Fibres

Wigwam™ Socks Natural Fibre Technical Detail

Combed Cotton:  A cotton fibre put through an additional "combing" process so that more of the shorter fibres are removed.  This improves the softness and durability of the remaining cotton fibres.

Mercerised Cotton:  The cotton yarn is put through an additional finishing process (mercerising) to provide a greater lustre and softness to the yarn and to intensify colouration

Merino Wool:  Fine grade wool from the fleece of Merino Sheep.  It shares all the characteristics of regular farmed wool but has the added benefit of being exceptionally soft to the touch and can be knitted into super soft fine garments meaning it produces wool garments that don't feel itchy next to the skin.

Organic Cotton:  Cotton that is grown without the use of insecticides, fertilisers and synthetic intervention and without any genetic modifications or enhancements.

Rayon:  A naturally occurring cellulose filament fibre used for its exceptional sheen, softness and moisture wicking capabilities.

Ring Spun Carded Cotton: Cotton yarn with good durability and softness but that is not combed to remove the shorter fibres from the yarn.

Silk:  Smooth soft natural continuous filament fibre produced by Silk Worms with exceptional tensile strength characteristics as well as possessing natural thermal properties.  Silk does not conduct heat, is naturally anti-microbial and odour resistant.

Spun Wool: The process of spinning wool fibres that are 1½ to 3" long.  Since the fibres are relatively short and randomly aligned, the resultant yarn has more loft and bulk than worsted yarn.

Worsted Wool: Wool yarn spun using longer wool fibres using the Worsted system which aligns the fibres parallel to each other to provide extreme yarn strength and durability.