Wigwam Fusion Technology

Wigwam Fusion Technology

Wigwam® Fusion™ Technology

Fusion™ by Wigwam® gives the user a superior blend of moisture repelling and moisture absorbing fibres to keep the foot dry and blister free.  It does this by combining two socks in one - a liner that is knitted seamlessly to an outer sock made of hydrophilic (water retaining) merino wool.  

Prior to Wigwam® Fusion™ sock technology, the only way you could have the warmth of a wool sock and the moisture wicking of a synthetic sock was to wear 2 pairs of socks.

Although effective, the liner sock can find a way to fall down in the shoe or boot, which can cause quite a bit of discomfort. The solution....the range of Wigwam® Fusion™ socks.

Not only do these socks look and feel great, they also perform exceptionally well. When you turn the sock inside out, the liner is undetectable as it has been seamlessly knitted into the foot of the sock - this is the area where the foot produces an enormous amount of perspiration when hiking the trails or hitting the slopes.

The knit in liner is made of Olefin™, a moisture repelling, hydrophobic fibre. Olefin™ pushes the moisture away from the inside of the sock and bottom of the foot, to the outside. The moisture produced will then evaporate more quickly on the outside of the sock, keeping the foot dry and blister free whilst still retaining warmth.