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Warp Knit Fabric Technology

Warp Knit Fabrication

SKINS Warp Knit Fabrication 

Warp knitted fabric using multiple fine quality yarns to give superior performance.

Warp knit fabric itself has no natural stretch - instead, the Spandex™/Lycra™ mix within the construction ensures specific levels of elasticity and perfectly controlled compression (As detailed in the diagram above). For a compression product this is superior to using circular knit which has natural stretch, making it hard to maintain the correct level of compression. Circular knit fabrics are also less durable and likely to run if snagged whereas the Warp Knit structure is far less susceptible to pulls and snags.

Warp knit construction has a 'float line' between loops to aid moisture management as shown in the diagram above.

Multiple yarns are used for added strength and to eliminate running if the fabric is torn meaning your garment is safe to use even if the worst happens.