The Maier Sport Perfect Fit Promise

The Maier Sports Perfect Fit promise

We are all different shapes and sizes it's what makes us human.  But if you're forever feeling that your active wear clothing fit is always a "compromise" then look no further than Maier Sports.

If it should work, it has to be suitable first. This is the basic requirement which each Maier Sports product has to fulfil. Therefore Maier® offer pants in up to 32 different men's and 25 women's sizes. They come in Regular, Tall and Short sizes and also in different cuts so everyone can find their perfect item of clothing.

What distinguishes Maier from all other manufacturers of functional outdoor-clothing goes to another dimension: Maier Sports apparel adapts itself not only perfectly to the body but also to fit requirements of the customer.

That is why Maier produce Outdoor-clothing suitable for every day and everyone. A perfectly fitting piece of clothing, in timeless design, durable, fashionably wearable and complimentary with a perfect fit and quality promise.

The Perfect Fit Promise....What does it actually mean?

Maier Sports product fits are perfectly made for every individual. The collections come in more than 60 sizes in different cuts and styles across 3 core size models.

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The Maier Sports Pants Fit

Absolutely without exception one thing everyone craves for the perfect fit are pants. It defines how good the comfort factor and wearer comfort is.  Maier Sports has established its reputation of the perfect fit and with good reason.

36 size variants for Men and 25 different sizes for Women ensuring there is a fit for every shape and size out there.

Your Perfect Size Has a Maier Number

Maier don't work to the classic sizes Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large like everyone else, they use a unique sizing matrix that gives you a Maier Number.

Maier Regular sizes range for men from 46 to 68 and 34 to 52 for women. With that, Maier Sports reaches a huge amount of customers with very varied leg lengths and waist sizes.

This mechanism caters for every conceivable size variation with regards to waist, hips and leg length.

But you may be extremely slim......No problem for Maier. Often very slim people find the waist size fits but then the leg length is to short so you end up with your trousers at half-mast.

Therefore slender customers often need longer trouser legs in comparison to their waist size. This is exactly why Maier offer long leg sizes for men and women. Maier Sports women's sizes range from 72 to 88. For example a size 76 has a waist size of 38, but with a longer leg length.

Short sizes are often referred to as stocky and the Maier mechanism works the other way around. According to the waist size, the leg length is generally shorter.

The trouser legs of short and long sizes become not only shorter or longer, but also, they become conformist to the relevant proportions of the person. That means that the form of knee fits perfectly where it should and the thigh is tailored to the particular figure.

That is a huge advantage for a person with a stocky figure. Normal size trouser legs often need turning up at the ankle for stocky people. Also the length of thigh is longer meaning the articulation at the knee is too low so you lose fit and freedom of movement and all too often the cut is not suited to your shape. It becomes even more difficult if there are zips or draw cords within the garment. With the Maier sizing mechanism there is no need to compromise as you can select the trousers that are best suited to your dimensions.

Once you've established your Maier size, then everything you then buy where the Maier sizing mechanism is used, should be the same size for that garment type (trousers or jackets).  So if you're a Maier 56 trouser, the next time you come to buy another Maier trouser line, you simply re-order the 56 as the template for measurements is always the same.