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Tees and Sports Gear Fit Guide

Tee Shirt Fit Guide

When buying something as simple as a Tee, you may expect it to be very simple, after all surely a Tee is a Tee in any language isn't it?........not quite.

Sport apparel comes in a variety of "fits" based on the fabric, design and the primary use activity and this section endeavours to address that exact will it fit me?

 Fitted Tee Image

Fitted Tee:

A Fitted Tee, is designed to be a close fit "athletically" styled item aimed at those individuals who are lucky enough to have the type of physique many of us mere mortals crave.  A Fitted tee for example will be a fairly close body contoured garment that is designed to hang off the body all over by about 1 or 2 cm and is by its very nature, not too forgiving.  This design is often used for a lot of running gear where athletes don't want too much fabric "flapping" about when pounding the streets.

Semi / Regular / Relaxed Fit

Semi-Fitted or Regular Fit garments are slightly more forgiving in structure than Fitted and will embrace a wider audience.  Usually a shaped fit with contoured seams for a European styling in design to accommodate a vast proportion of your everyday athletes.  Often used in run and general training gear and a lot of leisure wear within the sports apparel sector and offers a flattering but stylish fit option.


Loose Fit

As it says, loose by design but in Europe, usually with a degree of "shape" to the torso rather than the boxy baggy US market fit as a Euro Loose fit will usually have a reasonable contoured seam structure.  Plenty of room and the ideal leisure or training piece in structure to provide good all over coverage especially for the bigger athlete or those who simply like their gear "loose" as many do!  Not too tight around the biceps so plenty of room.