ODLO I-Thermic Technology


With I-Thermic, clim8® technology provides a tailor-made thermal experience. Designed using cutting-edge technology, this intelligent layer is crafted with seamlessly integrated thermal sensors triggering the system to turn on and off only when it's needed.

This layer is ideal whether you're skiing, hiking, snowshoeing and more in the cold this winter. Just select your activity in the clim8 app and let the intelligence take over when you're standing still or sitting on a ski-lift. With I-Thermic, add perfectly adjusted warmth every time you head outside this cold season.

On Google Play or the App Store and search for clim8 or scan the QR code.

Once your clim8 product has been found, make sure you are wearing it and answer the questions. We will calibrate your product to your comfort skin temperature and setup your thermal profile.

Turn on the app and allow Bluetooth and localization permissions. Then follow the step by step guide within the app.

The system will automatically activate the heat according to your profile, activities and environment to keep you comfortable at all time. Your smartphone is only needed during the set-up, once the I-Thermic has been correctly configured you can leave your phone at home or switch off Bluetooth.