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Odlo Ceramicool

Odlo® Ceramicool™ Fabric

Ceramicool™ uses a new advanced ceramic technology embedded within the fibre that cools the body the warmer you get.  It's the same principal as your dog lying on a ceramic tile floor to cool down or the tiles used on the outside of the space shuttle.....ceramic is naturally cool and dissipates heat incredibly fast, but you cannot make a flexible wearable fabric entirely of ceramic.

So Odlo® has integrated ceramic nano-particles into their Ceramicool™ fibre to effectively increase the surface area of the fabric and the cross shaped profile of these particles, create physical micro-channels within the fibre that in turn draw heat away from the skin whilst encouraging increased airflow for a cooler, drier result.

This technology combines with the natural cooling properties of ceramics to keep the body cooler even when the temperature climbs.  This is not an additive.  The ceramic component of the fabric is completely integrated and will never wash out so it will continue to work for the life of the garment.