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ODLO Active Spine Tee - Posture Correction Clothing

ODLO Active Spine Tee - Posture Correction Clothing

In this day of modern technology and a drive everywhere culture, we all have a tendency to hunch and slouch, often without knowing we are doing it.

We also have a tendency to hunch when playing sport such as golf or running where posture can mean the difference between the perfect drive or a severe hook.

There are numerous aids to help correct posture but most are bulky, uncomfortable or often ineffective so when someone brings a new garment to market that offers exceptional support, alignment correction and posture control that can be worn all day, you have to take notice.

Well that’s exactly what Scandinavian sports brand ODLO has done.  Drawing on their experience in producing Muscleforce, a seamless sports compression range, they have combined their expertise to produce the seamless knit Active Spine Light Baselayers for both men and women.

Active Spine Light is a very lightweight and breathable fabrication built around their long-established Performance Light range but it has integrated high intensity Elastane banding in a body mapped design that mimics the natural musculature of the body.

The objective is to force the shoulders back and open the diaphragm to maximise oxygen intake and above all improve active and relaxed posture.

This in turn improves your overall well-being and when doing all of today’s “slouchy” things, will ultimately reduce back and neck pain.

Now ODLO are a sports brand of some note so you’d expect them to come up with something that is suitable for sport, and that’s exactly what they have done.

Whilst many “gadgets” out there do a sterling job, they lack the capacity to be worn effectively during sports activities especially running, golf and the numerous gym sessions we undertake today.

But this is a piece of underwear that you can wear all day every day in compete comfort and after a while you’ll wish you had another one so you could wear them more often.

It helps correct posture whilst you do your thing and when you’re doing nothing much as well.  Ideal in the office or lounging around as much as it will be around the golf course or on that 10K run.

Wearing the Active Spine Tee gently helps keep your shoulders, neck and body upright educating the muscles to keep your body in a more corrected position. You can wear underneath your clothes all day without any issues.

The primary function of posture re-alignment is to improve the muscle groups in the shoulder, core and upper back. They provide the comfort and resistance while holding the shoulders and neck in the proper position for a better posture.

Wearing the ODLO Active Spine Tee will apply a little reverse tension to your muscles which helps to improve your muscle memory and re-align you into the right posture. You should see a reduction in any neck and shoulder pain and you may even get more balls off the tee straight!

This is not a “wear once….all fixed” garment.  This is an athletic aid that provides some necessary support for an improved posture.  In tests to date, most people have started to use it as a default piece of their underwear drawer.