Megmeister Polypropylene

There are two key differences to the Megmeister™ Baselayer range that distinguish it from almost all other brands on the market.

1.      It's a Polypropelene™ derived fabric using a unique fibre called DRYARN® 100 whereas the vast majority of brands use Polyester

2.      It has NO SEAMS next to the body

Polypropylene™ is an ultra-lightweight rapid drying filament fibre that moves moisture away from the skin so quickly you barely ever feel wet at's designed to eradicate moisture.   The end result is a garment that is 40% lighter than most of its competition, dries up to 40 times faster than Polyester and is 60% more thermally efficient in its own right.

Couple this with a design that creates millions of micro pockets to help retain heat in the body, and you get the driest, lightest and warmest Baselayer you can ever get.

No seams means exactly next to the body.  Megmeister™ create their Baselayers using a unique patented machine weave construction that results in creating each garment from one piece of fabric that only requires the garment to be cut from the machines and bonded together seamlessley.  End get "scars" where the ends of the fabric are joined and bonded together, a trully seamless result.

This maximises freedom of movement throughout and the tops have a unique bulge effect over the shouders when removed from the packaging that when worn, ensures there is enough room and zero restriction of arm movement, which is why these have proved popular for golf.

The Polypropylene™ construction also means that the naturally occuring resistance to stains that the fibre has, makes it ideal for sports garments as they are more resistant to stains from mud and grass.