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About Wigwam

Wigwam Performance Socks

"Since 1905, committed to our employees, our community and knitting fine quality socks for for you"


Wigwam Mills, Inc. is proud to knit its socks in Wisconsin, U.S.A. and have been doing so since 1905.

Thousands of manufacturers sacrifice quality for less-expensive labour in other areas of the world, to increase the bottom line. Wigwam continue to lobby for programs that responsibly limit the quantity of imported products coming into the country whilst still pursuing a policy of fair trade with its many global partners. They are actively conscientious about the environmental, sociological, and financial implications of it's manufacturing and export programmes.

Their objective is for its customers to feel good about buying the Wigwam brand by setting a standard of integrity that they strive to live up to every day.

The Wigwam manufacturing facility is state of the art and getting "greener" all of the time. Working with local utilities to improve efficiency and limit the carbon footprint by installing solar energy panels to heat water, motion sensory lights to limit wasted power and responsible waste management to re-use and recycle as much as can be achieved.

Wigwam support wool producers in the US by sourcing wool almost exclusively from American yarn spinners who buy from American wool growers. They seek to support domestic yarn spinners whenever possible and work with them to get the best quality natural and man-made fibres and yarn for all products.

For over 100 years, Wigwam has been dedicated to enhancing the lives of our customers through providing them the finest quality socks and with the assurance that their purchase of Wigwam socks supports its reputation of honesty and integrity.

Wigwam is a genuine manufacturer committed to limiting its environmental impact.