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Cycle Shorts Padding

Modern Cycle Shorts and Cycle Underwear contain varied forms of padding to offer you a more comfortable ride when in the saddle.

This page endeavours to de-mystify the offerings available to you so you can get the seat padding that suits your needs.

Light Cycle Padding A low density light synthetic padding used in cycle specific underwear.  Designed for shorter rides and leisure rides.  Very unobtrusive and can readily be worn under clothing all day long.

Veloce 70 A soft mid-weight padding that allows for full freedom of movement.  Best suited to riders who prefer a medium padded seat to offer a perfect combination of saddle feel and protection to the common pressure points.  Suited to rides of up to 3/4 hours.

Intimo by Elasticinterface 70RhoIntimo™ by Elastic Interface® is a padding brought about by the wider demand for a padded seat for ligther weight undergarments. Elastic Interface® created the Intimo™ which is a superior breathable design that offers the wearer the right level of protection in a low profile form-fitting chamois which is perfect for bespoke cycle shorts and baggy trail shorts alike.

Evo 80 combines extreme lightweight structure, enhanced protection and maximum freedom of movement.  The high density central foam shape is studded to provide perfect coverage to all key pressure point areas when connected to the saddle.  Dermo-Compatible & Bacteriostatic MAX fabric, is ideally suited to be in contact with bare skin without any irritation eliminating bacteria and reducing any friction burns.  A clever combination of perforated cushioning pad with blended wings of pure fabric make this chamois one of the most lightweight, breathable, comfortable and inpercep[tible padded seat around.

Endurance2 Cycle Pad by Elastic Interface The Endurance 2 Super Air by Elastic Interface®, has concentically sewn in inserts that are available in different densities for the ultimate comfort chamois. This very unique design affords the wearer the ultimate comfort and fit.  Dual layer X-Tract fabric is one of the fastest wicking fibres around to create the driest chamois around.  Available in 60,80 and 120 Rho density fabric.

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