Teko Ski + Board Socks

Teko® Ski and Snowboard Socks are engineered with one thing in mind...your complete comfort and safety at all times.

Teko use only the very best Organic fabrics when creating their Ski and Snowboard socks for Adults and kids.  Ethical Farming for their Argentinian and American Merino Wool brand called M3RINO.XC™, ensures their commitment to a Sustainable Manufacturing process is not compromised.

Use of 100% recycled Polyamide fabrics for their Merino Blend socks containing Teko® SIN3RGI® and EVAPOR8™ fabrics, to provide additional durability and rapid moisture wicking properties.

Teko® Ski and Snowboarding socks are truly designed for the task at hand with a seam free structure throughout and the capacity to wear a pair all week long.  See also our tips on Avoiding Blisters in sport.