Injinji Toe Socks

Injinji® Toesocks No Rubbing, No Blisters Just Cool Dry Feet

"Seam Free" Toe Socks perfect for Fivefingers® designed to provide your feet with individual toe separation for a more comfortable, hygienic and supportive sock.

By separating your toes you avoid several issues. You reduced heat and sweat, improve air circulation, reduce foot odours caused by bacterial infestation and eliminate blisters from skin on skin friction.

The "completely" Seam Free construction of the Injinji® Performance Toe Sock and Merino Wool Toe Socks, create unrivaled comfort for both traditional use and especially for Vibram® Fivefingers® footwear. Toe Socks from Injinji® also act as a fantastic liner sock for sports activity especially for long distance walking and hiking.  See our tips and guidance on Avoiding Blisters in sport and walking.