Icebreaker Bodyfit 260

Icebreaker® Bodyfit™ 260 Active Base Layers

The "Warmest" of the Icebreaker® collection....real luxurious depth.  The mid-weight collection of the Icebreaker® Merino Wool ranges and it "feels" noticeably substantial and full of quality.  This is the Warmest Slim Fit jersey knit design base layer from the Icebreaker® Bodyfit™ collection.....the 260GSM weight Bodyfit™ 260 "Active" range for serious warmth and luxurious comfort.

Ethically Produced 100% Merino wool fabrication with a superior body contoured fit with more wool for your investment.  The cross weave jersey structure is designed to stretch in 4 directions and recover its shape for those of you who are extremely active in cold conditions.  Ideal for Ski or Board base layers or for use for more sedentary applications when it's colder or where the weather can be very changeable.  Perfect below everyday clothing too.

This is a closer fitting structure than the Basics™ range due to the weave of the fabric and deliberately so.  It's a "shaped" body contoured design created to gently hug the curves of the body to stay put when you're not likely to be.  Wear for long periods without the risk of the garments becoming smelly as the natural properties of the Merino wool, ensure they stay fresher for longer.  There are so may reasons to "Go Merino".