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Technical Sportswear with Patented KYnergy™ Infrared Technology Powered by Progress

Kymira™ Sportswear is a range of highly advanced technical apparel that incorporates patented Infrared technology across the entire range.

Consider the Kymira™ Sportswear collection as a vehicle for delivering their KYnergy™ technology across the whole body.  No gimmicks, this is pure science.......

Infrared technology allows your gear to re-generate the energy your body produces and to give that normally lost energy back to the body to radically increase your performance, speed up muscular repair and recovery and to generate warmth when needed.

Furthermore, Kymira™ Sportswear utilises re-cycled fabrics, Infracycle™ to deliver this amazing technology making them great for the planet too.

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Infrared Technologies in Fabric

Infrared Fabric Technologies

True Infrared Technology in Clothing Train Harder - Perform Longer - Recover Faster

The principals of true Infrared Fabric Technologies and not a gimmick in any way shape or form.

Infrared light treatment from within a certain light wave spectrum has long been known to aid recovery in injuries and is widely used in the medical profession to do exactly that.....Read More


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